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Hello !! ♪

Bonjour !!!

This time, 4 doujins ! 2 Laven, 1 Yullen and 1 Lavyu. ^^

I have to admit that LAL take me a lot of time - 100 pages is not easy to translate. ^^
Ah ! As everytime, it's in french. Sorry. ^^'

Well, enjoy ~ ♪

Fleur incomparable


Seishokusha no Hinkaku





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4 Doujinshis in French

Hi everyone !!

Once again, I'm here with some doujinshis in french !
This time, there are cute doujin and hard ones. ^^

Well, I let you see that ~

Child Mania (Lavi x Allen)


Toraware no Yubi (Allen x Kanda)


Unter Legen (Lavi x Allen) - I love this one.


Family Walker 4 (Allen x Kanda)

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Doujinshi : only 2

This time, there's only 2 doujinshis - I didn't have the time to translate the last one. (Next time ~ ♥)


So, 2 doujinshi that I scanned and translated. I'm sorry for the bad quality of the scan. ^^'

For this first doujinshi, you will have to read a little descritption of a word : "sumata" (that is what Allen do to Kanda) -> here

Apple Bitter x-over (Yullen de Seil)


Sono Subete (Lavi x Miranda)



13 fév 2010

Hi everyone !

Today, 3 new doujinshis : Empire, Penalty and once again, there are in french. ^^ (Sorry)

Empire : Kanda x Lavi

MediaFire - Photobucket

Penalty (R-18) : Kanda x Lenalee

MediaFire - Photobucket

Anthurium : Lavi x Allen

MediaFire - Photobucket

Doujinshis in French

Here !
Again some doujinshi in french. (Sorry, once again, that's not in english. ^^')
Next time, I will translate "Anthurium" (Laven), "Penalty" (Yulee) and "Empire" (Lavyuu). ^^

Water Garden (Allen X Lavi)


Doll of the deserted Island (Tyki X Allen)

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Little Doujin of PTM (Lavyuu)

MediaFire ♦  

Doujinshi in French

Once again, some doujinshis that I translated from japanese to french.
I hope you will like them ~ ♥



Secret Talks


Tim Tim Cherry


Strip of Halloween


Again doujinshi in french

I think I don't need to explain - again some doujinshi I translated from japanese to  french.

Bonne lecture ! ♥

Kiss & Rice : Yullen


Burnet : Kanda X Lenalee


38.7°C : Kanda X Lenalee


Contrariness : Yullen


Doujinshi in French

Hi ! I'm here again !

Here - Again some doujin that i translate from Japanese to French. I hope that will help some people to translate in english ! ♥

Eternal Snow - Yuvi : Download . Online

Good Luck - Laven : Download . Online

I - Yuvi : Download . Online

Judas Kiss - Allen / Tyki / Cross : Download . Online

Optimistic Bunny - Laven : Download . Online

Ourselves - Laven : Download . Online

Sakura kiss - Yullen : Download . Online


That's all for now - I hope you like them.

3 Doujinshis D.gray-man in french !

Here 3 doujinshis that I translated from Japanese to French. This time, it is also D.gray-man but the couples are varied.^^
I let you discover these 3 titles!

1er : Juujika to Fukuin [Laven - Lavi & Allen] --- Download / Online

2d : Shiniitaru Yamai [Yuvi - Yuu & Lavi]  --- DownloadOnline

3d : Un Yulee (Yuu & Lenalee) --- DownloadOnline

Et voilà ! Si vous vous sentez d'attaque à les traduire en anglais, faîtes donc : Bonne chance ! ^^

Allen - Colo

Here, a little colouring by me.

As soon as I saw the first page of the chapter 182, I right away wanted to make an icon but before, I made a colouring then here is. ^^

PS : Allen  is so sexy ! >_< I really love him. (But Lavi is always my favourite ! >_<)